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Land Of Honey holds inaugural board meeting

The meeting held at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja was presided over by the Chairman Mr. Kola Adefila, with the opening prayer offered by Mr Segun Oyekunle (MD, Abuja Films Village International).

In attendance were Mr. Richard Kingston( MD Kingston International), Mr. Teni Eleoramo, Mr. Toyin Eleoramo, Dr Segun Oyekunle (MD AFVI), Mr. Kola Adefila, Dr Mukhtar Abdu (Director AFVI), Mr. Elegbede Babatunde and Mrs. Iwuchukwu Comfort (Legal Practitioner/Company Secretary)

The chairman expressed how thrilled he was about the magnitude of the project, how much has been done in a short span. He also assured the board of his commitment and willingness to serve in every positive manner.

The project director, Mr. Teniola Eleoramo, was formally endorsed and was given the floor to make his presentation basically on the project’s activity over the year.

His presentation bothered around what has been achieved so far. The achievements included the introduction of the professional teams, the depth of relationship with them and identified their various activities/deliverables and gave brief profiles of them all.

A brief explanation about the site analysis was also presented ranging from existing rural roads, prominent hills, hills adjacent to the area, river/stream, existing settlement and existing rural roads adjacent to the area.

He also made clarifications on the difference between the roads connecting the area to the major town and the roads on the site itself.

The project director explained the municipality structure/LOH city urban management to the board and all concerns raised were duly noted.

It was also pointed out that a clear contract explanation and legal backing would be attached to every property sold and that house types for every site would also be specified.

The project evaluation which was last done as at December 2010 was also presented and the project director assured the board of carrying out another evaluation by December 2011.

Further to the his presentation, the present status of the project, tagged ‘where we are now’ was briefly analysed and items discussed included architectural designs, approval and project launching, developmental charter, municipality structure, responsibilities of AFVI and positioning of the LOH project head office.

To wrap the presentation up, the Project Director, Mr. Teni Eleoramo, was given a thumbs up by the chairman for a job well done and a wonderful presentation. He was also credited for achieving so much in a little time span and getting things out ahead of time.

As part of conclusion to the board meeting, all Resolutions were passed unanimously.

Mr. Toyin Eleoramo moved a motion for adjournment and Dr Abdu Mukhtar seconded it.

The closing prayer was offered by Dr. Abdu Mukhtar.

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