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Investment Opportunities

Abuja, in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory is experiencing an increased strain on its infrastructure network due to an explosive increase in its urbanisation profile.

Several factors including an emerging middle class, significant housing market deficit and a continuously increasing rural urban drift have put Abuja city on the brink of congestion.

Land of Honey City provides a new frontier for discerning investors to derive value by investing in strategic components of the development.

The development will employ renewable and non renewable power solutions, energy efficient buildings, modular housing initiatives, recyclable and advanced wastewater re-use systems to mention a few.

If you are an Investor, Land of Honey City is about an environment designed around security, longevity and being able to reap the profits of sustainable real estate growth. If you are interested in investing, kindly click here.

If you are a Developer, Land of Honey City represents an opportunity to develop modern human friendly structures on a world class infrastructure service grid with clear development guidelines. If you are interested in bulk buying of land parcels, kindly click here.

If you are a Residential Buyer, it‟s about being able to live in an affordable, spacious, and modern development and pioneering life style investment, situated within easy reach of schools, medical and retail facilities. If you are interested in property acquisition, kindly click here.