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Guiding Principles

The Need

The spontaneous growth of Abuja in Nigeria‟s Federal Capital Territory (FCT) as a result of an in-flux of people from different parts of the country has put the city on the verge of congestion.

Hence, the need to establish a new city within the FCT – “The Land of Honey City”.

Development Concept

The following makes Land of Honey City truly a first of its kind new city development in Africa:

  • The development is flexible, adaptable and the first holistic lifestyle city planned in Africa.
  • World-class urban design principles to ensure optimal use of land and the creation of a modern, expertly planned city.
  • The design was guided by the principles of ‘feasibility’, ‘functionality’, ‘sustainability’ and ‘desirability’.
  • Land of Honey City complies with the IFC best-practice principles and demonstrates respect for the region’s natural environment.
  • Scalable and sustainable infrastructure network and grid, with particular emphasis on power, roads and water delivery.